GRAPE GRADE: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Madrasa, Merlot

Red dry wine YALLI is an assembly of red grape varieties that are cultivated in the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company". This is a typical Bordeaux blend. Each type of grapes was separately kept in an oak barrel at the first stage, and afterwards also a red dry YALLI wine (aged 12 months) is kept in an oak barrel. Included in the top line of YALLI wines.

A very delicate, amazing and exquisite wine, which for a long time was kept after bottling. For the first time feeling its aroma, you feel notes of jam, plums, cherries, sweet cherries. Then you begin to recognize the truffle, the aroma of toasted bread. The amazing balance of tannin and acidity gives the drink an unforgettable taste.

Red dry wine YALLI perfectly combines with any exquisite meat dishes, especially French cuisine - steaks with foie gras, steaks with mushroom sauce, meat with mushrooms, entrecotes.