SHIRAZ (red dry) - this wine could not be excluded in the line of premium TERRA CASPEA wines. It is always so different - it can be soft, it can be strict, it can be very gentle. This sort of grapes, the homeland of which is France, is one of the oldest - it has been known to the world for about 2 thousand years. It is very fond of the sun, therefore it feels comfortable in the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company" in the Caspian region. Completely mature grapes show intensely dark color, wealth, softness, sweetness in taste, more restrained tannins and less pronounced peppery tone.

The drink has a dark red color. The wine is aged for 12 months. It can always be recognized by its aroma - it's a whole bunch of spices, prunes, dried figs, dried cherries, oak and liquorice.

Being a bestseller in Azerbaijan, the wine SHIRAZ (red dry) is perfectly combined with all meat dishes, including kebabs, meat assortments, snacks.