PINOT NOIR (red dry) - about this wine it is said: "Not that winemaker is good, which can make a good red wine, but the winemaker who can make a good PINOT NOIR". And the only place in Azerbaijan where this Burgundy grape variety is grown is the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company" in Muganli. Making this wine is a challenge for Azerbaijani winemakers, and therefore this drink takes a special place in the line of premium TERRA CAUCASEA wines.

The thing is especially the grape growing in conditions of high humidity - it has a very thin peel, which is covered with mold. Harvesting should be so thorough as to prevent the ingress of mold into the berries. The wine is aged for 12 months in oak barrels.

PINOT NOIR (red dry) is shimmered with a light red tint, over which it can be recognized immediately. In the bouquet of aroma there is a thin trail of raspberry, forest blackberry, truffle and caramel.

The wine is very tender, soft, with very bright acidity, for which it is appreciated by lovers. Aftertaste is a tender note of red forest berries. It is perfectly combined with dishes from a bird, and also a match to dishes from a tuna, a salmon and easy meat snacks.