VIOGNIER (white dry) is a very calm wine, occupying a special place in the line of premium TERRA CASPEA wines. The basis for this drink is the French grape variety, which is very fond of the bright sun rays typical of the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company" in the Caspian region. It is amazing that in the period of maturation it accumulates a large amount of sugar.

Within 6 months up to 30% of the wine is aged separately in oak barrels, and 70% in steel vats. After that - in the course of three months the aging of the finished wine takes place.

The wine acquires a golden-straw color. The taste is gentle, elegant, soft, with an uncharacteristic acidity. There is a certain minerality in it - echoes of the natural conditions of our vineyards, which adds extra piquancy to the drink. The acidity of the wine is not felt clearly. In the fragrance you can feel lime honey, meadow flowers, golden pollen. With a very gentle aftertaste.

VIOGNIER (white dry) is very suitable for any dish in which creamy sauce is present. Perfectly combined with seafood salad and some fish dishes, such as sea bass, kutum.