SAPERAVI (red dry) is a very tart wine, sufficient to leave an indelible impression of itself. Produced from the same name Transcaucasian grape variety, home to which is Georgia. The rind of the grapes is very rich in color, and this is its distinctive feature. It is grown in the Azerbaijani region of Oguz, in the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company". The resulting drink vividly represents a line of premium TERRA CAUCASEA wines.

The wine SAPERAVI (red dry) will conquer you with its unusual taste with the delicate aroma of black currant, prunes. Connoisseurs can recognize and light oak and musky notes it acquired after aging in oak barrels. The wine itself is aged for 12 months.

The drink is dark garnet. Well balanced by acidity. Perfectly approaches to fatty dishes, such as a saj, fried lamb, piti, kebab, juicy steaks and seasoned cheeses. Try this wine and keep the long warm memories, presented by its taste.