GRAPE GRADE: Rkatsiteli

RKATSITELI (white dry) is a unique wine, in translation the name means "red vine". Only a very small number of wines can be compared with it in terms of structuredness. And all because of the amazing properties of the rind of the grapes, giving a completely unusual taste of wine. This is the Transcaucasian grape variety, home to which is Georgia. Cultivated in the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company", located in the Oguz region (Azerbaijan) and it is included in the line of premium TERRA CAUCASEA wines.

The wine is aged for 10 months in oak barrels and steel tanks. A drink of golden color, leaves a bright and long aftertaste.

In fresh aroma it is dominated notes of cornelian jam and juniper, followed by quince and yellow plum. Light tannins in wine instantly envelop the oral cavity.

RKATSITELI (white dry) can be served calmly to meat dishes. Perfectly combined with fish, various snacks, young cheeses, vegetable stews and green salads.