GRAPE GRADE: Chardonnay

CHARDONNAY (white dry) - the most elegant wine in the line of premium wines TERRA CASPEA. For its creation, the same grape variety is used, which is successfully cultivated in the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company" on the Absheron peninsula. Harvesting takes place in two stages: first, grapes are collected, which have not yet accumulated sugar under the influence of sun rays, to create acidic material. In the second stage, the already fully ripe harvest is gathered. Assembling the fees of two crops allows you to achieve the ideal taste qualities inherent in CHARDONNAY.

Wine is aged for 12 months, up to 30% of wine is aged in oak barrels, and the remaining 70% is in steel vats.

Very soft wine, which has a light golden hue. In the aroma citrus and coniferous it is guessed notes, as well as the smells inherent in the white colors of orange, peach and apricot. According to its taste, the wine is perfectly balanced in terms of acidity, mineral content and texture. When tasting - a gentle cloud envelops the mouth, leaving a long aftertaste.

CHARDONNAY (white dry) only accompanies the food without interrupting its taste. Perfectly combines with seafood dishes (except for shellfish and oysters). Good for low-fat meat dishes, for light snacks and salads.