GRAPE GRADE: Cabernet Sauvignon

CABERNET SAUVIGNON (red dry) - an ideal definition for this wine is sultry and expressive. Included in the line of premium TERRA CASPEA wines. The historic homeland of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes is the province of Bordeaux known in the wine-making traditions in France. But these qualities it absorbed, being grown in Azerbaijan, in the vineyards of "Marandi Wine Company". This grape variety differs with thick skin, which affected the depth and color saturation, tannin and extractive substances in wine.

The wine is aged for 18 months in oak and steel barrels. The drink is poured with a deep and rich dark ruby ​​tint. Perfectly balanced for acidity and tannin. In the aroma you can guess prunes, cherries, black currants. The main thing is to give wine a little "rest" after opening the bottle, do not spill it to glasses at once. And then you will fully feel the sparkling and intoxicating taste of this fine drink. Silk and velvet aftertaste, which will accompany the connoisseur of this wine for a long time.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON (red dry) perfectly approaches to light meat dishes, to a medallion from veal, to veal on a grill. It is perfectly combined with vegetable dishes or with such dishes of the Azerbaijan national cuisine as dolma or ajab-sandal.