The winery "Marandi Wine Company" is the place where Azerbaijani traditions of viticulture and winemaking intertwined with modern European technologies. We are developing and presenting an unusual terroir of the coast of the Caspian Sea and the foothills of the Greater Caucasus to the world.

The first vines of different varieties of grapes were planted in the spring of 2007, at the same time it was undertaken the construction of a plant for the production of wines. To date, the winery "Marandi Wine Company" is equipped with all the necessary technical equipment from world famous companies, which allows to monitor the quality of produced wines at all stages of production.

The special natural conditions on the Absheron Peninsula, where the vineyards "Marandi Wine Company" are located, give particular specificity to the grape varieties grown here. The vineyard itself is located between two salt lakes, and the proximity of mud volcanoes reflects the richness of the local soil with minerals. Therefore, the usual and familiar tastes of grapes in the Azerbaijani version acquire truly explosive and fiery structures and taste qualities. As, however, and it should be inherent in the vineyards of the Land of Fire.

But not all grades of grapes like the hot sun of the Caspian coast. But the mild climate of the foothills of the Greater Caucasus is just right for them. Our vineyards are also located in Muganly, Oguz, Sheki and other regions.

Marandi Wine Company

The total area of ​​fruit-bearing vineyards is about 160 hectares. About 15 varieties of grapes are successfully cultivated, which form the basis of lines of table wines ILKIN, premium wines TERRA CASPEA and TERRA CAUCASEA, as well as top wines YALLI. This is not the limit of our opportunities, our ethnologies and wine growers develop new collections of exclusive wines.

The aging of the wine takes place in barrels of French, American and Slovenian oak, as well as in stainless steel tanks. Wines are produced under the control of a group of Italian and French wine experts and wine growers.

The winery "Marandi Wine Company" is distinguished not only by the high level of the production process, but also is the object of wine tourism, which includes all the necessary infrastructure - from spacious tasting rooms to the corporate store. We accept whole groups of connoisseurs of a noble drink, which are the faults of "Marandi Wine Company".

Stages of Production


To get the wine, you need to collect the grapes in time. In "Marandi Wine Company" collection is carried out both manually and with the help of special equipment. Up to 80% of the harvest is collected manually, which goes to the production of premium and top wines. After collection, grapes are delivered to the winery, where it is sorted.

Processing of grapes

After harvesting, it is pressed and crushed. If white wine is produced, the grape must is separated from the pulp. It is revealed the bases for creating premium and table wines of "Marandi Wine Company". Colorants are extracted to produce red wine from grape berries.


It is one of the most important stages. "Marandi Wine Company" produces both dry and semi-dry and semi-sweet wines. For dry wines, sugar is completely fermented, for semi-sweet and semi-dry wines, fermentation stops artificially. After the fermentation process is completed, the wine is formed.

 Exposure of wine

Young wine is sent for aging. In "Marandi Wine Company" the aging takes place in barrels of French, American and Slovenian oak, as well as in stainless steel tanks. After a certain time, the mature wine is bottled and goes on sale after 12-18 months.


Bottles for "Marandi Wine Company" wines are produced in Italy and Russia. In our practice, we used Braille labels, which allows visually impaired consumers to touch read information about wine.